Lisa Larrivee

Lisa Larrivee

Brand Communication Executive

It was 4 a.m., and the pitter-patter of freezing rain could be heard over the deflated murmurs of a production crew outside of Great Falls, Montana. Most people were evaluating the life choices that put them in this situation, but one crew member could not help but smile. Somehow, in this moment of despair, Lisa had just found her true calling.

The epiphany caused Lisa to switch majors to Film Studies, and she never looked back. She moved to attend the University of Utah and began ingratiating herself in the independent filmmaking community at the Sundance Film Festival. It did not take long for people to notice her work, and she soon received her first job offer in Los Angeles. Working in the entertainment capital of the world was reminiscent of her initial production experiences: shoe and no-string budgets, excruciatingly short schedules, inexperienced crews, non-existent resources, nervous investors, and constantly escalating stress levels. But in the end, it was all worth it, as her films “Surviving Eden” and “Steal Me” were selected for Special Screening at South by Southwest and Jury Selection at Sundance Film Festivals, respectively.

Fast forward to the present day, and Lisa’s $100M+ studio film experience includes films like “Hollow Man” and “Just Go With It.” Almost as long as Montana winters, the list of premier talent she has worked with includes Jessica Chastain, Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman, Kevin Bacon, Adam Sandler, Dave Mathews and directors Roland Joffé and Paul Mazursky. Eight years ago she focused her talents on advertising and has since enjoyed working with brands such as Cold Stone Creamery, Taco Time, and Blimpie.

So, next time you find yourself stranded in the pouring rain during the early hours of the morning, smile – you may have just wandered down a path leading to a storied career in film and advertising.