Paul Bolls

Paul Bolls

Director of Neuromarketing Science, PhD

What’s better than having one of the world’s most experienced neuromarketers on your team?

Two of course!

Paul’s academic career started close to home at Montana State University (Go Cats!). He completed his Masters at Washington State and his Ph.D. at Indiana University with a Doctorate in the area of Mass Communication and Cognitive Science. Paul has been applying neuroscience and psychophysiology for more than 20 years in both industry and academia to help clients achieve “brain friendly” communications.

Paul’s clients have included Disney, The Washington Post, Visa, Merck & Co. and NBC Universal.

Not to be outshone by Steve, Paul too has co-authored a book “Psychophysiological Measurement and Meaning.” Without wishing in any way to be patronizing, we recommend you read Steve’s book “Neuromarketing for Dummies” first.

Bottom line: with two world class neuromarketers on our team, we are confident we can help you solve your biggest business challenges.