Steve Genco

Steve Genco

Neuromarketing Partner, PhD

If you are in the neuromarketing business you might as well have one of the world’s most experienced neuromarketers on your team.

We are delighted that Steve is part of our stable. He has a Ph.D. from Stanford University (impressive) and has been working for more than 10 years on innovative approaches to market research that leverages neuroscience, cognitive psychology and behavioral economics (even more impressive).

Steve has worked with clients of the caliber of CBS, The Coca-Cola Company, P&G, Facebook, GM, Microsoft and Red Bull (you must be impressed by now).

To show what a really good guy Steve is, he has co-authored a book entitled “Neuromarketing for Dummies” just to help the rest of us understand what he’s talking about (now that’s both thoughtful and impressive)!