Strategy: The art and science of getting from here to there.


That means defining your current situation and your PREFERRED FUTURE® – then building a bridge between the two. We combine the techniques of organizational management and development with communication to get consistent results. Learn more about how we can help you create the short and long-term success you’re looking for below.


To brand or not to brand is no longer the question. The question is how? And when? Is this the time to build, refresh or reposition your brand? Do you need architecture to define your brand structure? Assimilation to get your employees on board? We can build your brand from the ground up, and will work with you to ensure your business strategy, core processes and marketing strategy work together.


If a tree falls on your business does anyone care? Not if you don’t market yourself well. We believe that the next step in the strategic process is to conduct effective marketing. Our approach to marketing is media neutral, meaning that we focus on determining and executing within the optimal media venues, rather than pushing you toward using any pre-determined media. By following this particular practice, we position individual marketing plans to best achieve your Preferred Future.


There are two approaches to life: ready, fire, aim. Or ready, aim, fire. Which do you use? We prefer the latter. We use a combination of qualitative and quantitative research to develop brand, marketing and communication strategies and to validate the efficacy of our advertising and marketing campaigns. We are so committed to the idea of good strategy based on good research that we started M+M RESEARCH, a subsidiary that does research as if our lives depended on it.


Always be prepared…as true for us as it is for The Boy Scouts. Our planning process is tailored for small and medium-sized businesses, but employs the tools and outlook that large organizations use to create success. Our process is the antidote for the kinds of strategic plans everyone in the organization hates or refuses to use. Ours is a process that managers love (it helps them manage) as well as professionals (it lets them measure their progress). Our process helps everyone simplify and clarify this thing we call “work” and enables them to achieve satisfying results.